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A celebration of life

Though I’ve been lucky enough to cook in very special London homes I can’t help but feel excited when a home county private dining opportunity comes my way. More so when it’s in someone’s country home. One of my clients lives in Hunton, in a converted barn. A couple of weeks ago I visited her...


Sara: Impressions of my first supper club experience

Guest blogger: Sara. First time supper club foodie. I have known about Dani’s Supper Club for quite some time now. As a Spanish person I share Dani’s passion for food. I’d never been to one of his supper clubs before but people I know well had told me about how blown away they had been...


Summer feast(ival)

This summer’s festival occasion was The Big Feastival, a family-inclusive summer feel-good festival of food and music. I was asked by Moretti to design the perfect bite for their new beers. I designed four arancinis to match each of the beers: An arancini filled with mozarella and courgette for the ‘Originale’ An arancini filled with walnut...


Summer cookie baking

When I take time off I tend to visit my family in Spain. This summer break I organised a cookie baking session for my nephew and my friends’ kids. They loved it. The dough is easy to make and keeping the children’s interest wasn’t a big challenge with some fancy decoration. I used two jars of dark...


Cooking with Shola

I am currently working with Shola on a series of home cooking workshops. Shola is a broadcast journalist and mother of three. She loves eating out and exploring new tastes and flavours – whether that be street food or gastronomic experiences. She has increasingy been entertaining at home but doesn’t feel she has enough in...


Back to Sant Pol de Mar

Many of Barcelona’s food adventures start at the seaside. It’s only natural. From El Bulli to El Celler de Can Roca, gastronomic institutions find inspiration, the physical and mental space and opportunity to experiment during their early days in often small, not-overly-touristy towns on the Mediterranean coast. Sant Pol de Mar was where my career...


Octopus and pancetta paella

An unusual Paella. A combination of sea and mountain, pork belly and Octopus. Also the fried onion adds a lovely sweetness to this great paella.

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