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I lived for 6 years in the Valencian region, the cradle of the Paella, where I have learned to master the noble art of the Spanish flagship dish. By the end, I cooked Paella no less than 6 times a week. Today I would love to bring this tradition right into your home.

The range is wide, the classic paellas with meat and vegetables, the seafood ones, meat and seafood mixed versions, vegetarian paellas and the game ones. 

Any of the above can be the perfect meal for a day out in your garden. Make your friends and family meeting an unforgettable event.

I can cook paella from 6 to 100 people. For a lot less than you may think (£20+), you can delight your guests with a home made paella and a salad and dessert bar.

Paella Party

– Salad and tapas Buffet
– 2 Paellas ( 1 vegetarian)
– Dessert Buffet
– Tea and coffee station
£20 per person ( minimum 10 people)

If you are brave enough, 
you can try to cook your own paella following one of our recipes

Chef Daniel
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