My last collaboration with The Robin Collective was for Valentines Day. In a playful and experimental food setting, dishes were presented to loved ones in what was an unexpected procession of concepts inspired by love and lust. I thought it would be a good idea to declare our mutual love with The Robin Collective. So here it goes…

Dani: I’d like to tell my blog readers about our own love story…and our Valentines collaboration. 

TRC: Great! Well…we’ve been successfully working together for the last couple of years and since expanding our studio with a professional kitchen and large workshop space it was a given to take advantage and invite people into our world of wacky, experimental and immersive food and drink. It just made sense to do it with you!

Dani: Perhaps you could tell my fellow foodies how we started working together?

TRC: We’ve known each other for a while now. We’ve taken part in Dani’s Supper Club previously and loved your bright and flavoursome food, perfect to accompany our philosophy and this event so thought it would be great idea to work together on Valentine’s day, which is so important for the diners that celebrate it…but also did something fun for diners that were up for a celebration less ordinary…

Dani: So tell them how it worked…

TRC: On our side we started with the concept of the 4 courses, linking with the theme of valentine’s but also showing some of our infamous experiments for example edible bubbles, inhalable cocktails, edible rave and smoking cocktails.  You would then suggest what the best way to achieve ideas, experimenting with different flavour combinations.

Dani: I think what made the collaboration easy this time was that we all know each other well…

TRC: Yes, we all have the knowledge of each others skills and outlook towards food which made for a really fun and succesful event.

Dani: Look forward to our next one already! 

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