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Experimental foodiness

My last collaboration with The Robin Collective was for Valentines Day. In a playful and experimental food setting, dishes were presented to loved ones in what was an unexpected procession of concepts inspired by love and lust. I thought it would be a good idea to declare our mutual love with The Robin Collective. So here it goes… Dani:...


Alchemy of natural colours

Our last supper club was magical , my intention was to experiment as much as possible with as many colours as possible on a simple, familiar pasta shape: ravioli. The colour added a playful dimension that transported some of the club foodies to their childhood memories of playing with Play-Doh. People often can’t believe that...


Vegetables for every season

I’ve been wanting to write about vegetarianism for a while. I find it fascinating that it goes back so long in history – from ancient Greece Pythagoreans, whom believed that a meatless diet enabled better aging of the body, to ancient India, where it has always been part of the culinary culture. In western culture,...


Summer feast(ival)

This summer’s festival occasion was The Big Feastival, a family-inclusive summer feel-good festival of food and music. I was asked by Moretti to design the perfect bite for their new beers. I designed four arancinis to match each of the beers: An arancini filled with mozarella and courgette for the ‘Originale’ An arancini filled with walnut...


Back to Sant Pol de Mar

Many of Barcelona’s food adventures start at the seaside. It’s only natural. From El Bulli to El Celler de Can Roca, gastronomic institutions find inspiration, the physical and mental space and opportunity to experiment during their early days in often small, not-overly-touristy towns on the Mediterranean coast. Sant Pol de Mar was where my career...


Eat vegan!

If you are tired of falafel you should try this recipe of rissoles. Ingredients ½ tsp yeast extract (optional) 1 tsp tomato purée 2 tbsp hot water to bind 3½ oz (100g) ground brazil nuts 3½ oz (100g) ground hazelnuts 3½ oz (100g) wholemeal breadcrumbs 1 tbsp mixed herbs ground nuts to coat Method Dissolve...

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