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Sea bream, squid and prawns paella

Scale the sea bream and and fillet it.

Leave the bone and the head coin resting in cold water.

In the meantime peel the prawns and reserve the carcases and the heads.

In a big pot fry the fish bones, the prawns carcases and heads, the nyora seeds off and 1 and a half garlic heads cut it in half, when start to take colour add  1 spoon of smoked paprika and 1 tomato diced. Fry for 5 minutes, cover it with cold water and leave it to simmering for 45 minutes.

Dice the squid  and fry it in the paella with the prawns,.

Cut the papers and beans in dices and add it to the seafood.

When its cooked add the the other half of garlic head minced , add 1 tbs of paprika and the tomatoes grated .

Add the rice and fry it for a couple of minutes.

Then add the double in volume of the fish stock.

Taste it and rectify on salt.

Use the first minutes to distribute there rice.

When the stock get thicker then turn the gas down and leave it cooke until the stock is consumed, about 10/12 minutes.

Leave it to rest for ten minutes.

Grill the sea bream and serve it with the rice as a base.

Enjoy it.

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