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If I had to name my star dish, it would undoubtably be Paella


For six years I lived in the Spanish region of Valencia, the cradle of Paella, where I learned to master the noble art of the Spanish flagship dish. After a while I was cooking Paellas around 6 times a week. Now, as a Londoner, one of my passions is to bring this dish into people’s homes. 

Your choice of ingredients

The range is wide: classic paellas with meat and vegetables, seafood paellas, meat and seafood mixed versions, vegetarian paellas, game ones…any of these can be the perfect meal for a day out in your garden, for example. Make hosting your friends or family an unforgettable event. 

Spoiling your friends can be easier and cheaper than you think

I can cook paella from 6 to 100 people. The price can be a lot less than you think. From as little as £20 per person (depending on numbers) you can delight your guests with a home made paella, a salad and a selection of desserts.